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Speech Corpus Design

Multi-Lingual and Multi-dialectal Speech Corpus
Speech Corpus Script Design
Speech Corpus for Recognition
Speech Corpus for Synthesis

Music Corpus Design and Annotation

Music Corpus Design
Music Corpus for Humming Recognition
Music Score and Lyric Annotation
Music Vocal to MIDI Translation

Speech Quality Evaluation

Multi-Lingual and Multi-dialectal Speech Quality Evaluation
MOS and AB Compare Test
Evaluation Text Script Design
Evaluation Tool Development


Text Script Design
Document Classification
Key Word, NER, Word Property, and Chunk Annotation


Promotional Films Dubbing
Multi-dialectal Dubbing

Image Annotation

Image Object Annotation

Additional Database Design

Hand Writing Recognition Database

Sales data
    • A 720-hour Multi-language Speech Recognition Database has been released. It contains Native Speakers from USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Brazil (300 speakers or 90 hours for each country, 1:1 gender distribution).
    • A 1000-hour Mandarin-English Mixed Recognition Database has been released. It is recorded in real environments using 16 kHz sampling frequency and 16-bit quantization accuracy mono PCM format.
    • A 500-hour Cantonese-English Mixed Corpus for Recognition has been released. It is recorded in real environments using 16 kHz sampling frequency and 16-bit quantization accuracy mono PCM format.
    • Graphic database for recognition has been released. In total of 20,000 figure outlines including body outline and face outline are labelled. The outline region is black with a white background. The 20,000 images include people of all ages and genders with their respected outfits and postures. 12,000 of the pictures are people in street snaps, photo albums or life photos with different sizes. The rest 8000 images are gait images originated in gait recognition database. During the database design and collection process, we have formed an efficient team with high standard capabilities. This leads to the deviation of outline is controlled in 3 pixel.
    • A 1000 people gait recognition database has been released. It covered 1000 people (1:1 gender distribution) with the age from 4 to 85 where 20% of the participants are above 60-year-old. Gait recognition database was collected by 24 Hikvision cameras in outdoor environment. 1000 participants with their normal walking posture was recorded by these cameras. Each participant is asked to walk 48 times with 3 sets of outfits (one is normal, one with a coat and the other one with a bag). The resolution ratio is 1920*1080@25fps and the format is MP4.
    • A 75-hour Taiwan mandarin corpus for recognition has been released. The speech samples are collected in Taiwan. In total of 100 native Taiwan speakers (1:1 gender distribution) from the major areas of Taiwan are carefully selected. The corpus has effective duration of 75 hours. It is recorded using 16 kHz sampling frequency and 16-bit quantization accuracy in mono PCM format. The corpus is collected using various Android smart models and primarily in indoor environment.


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