A 400-hour On-Vehicle Japanese Speech Recognition Database


A 400-hour On-Vehicle Japanese Corpus for Recognition has been released. The speech samples are collected in Japan and China. In total of 1000 native Japanese speakers from the major areas of Japan are carefully selected. The detailed information for this 400-hour Japanese corpus is listed below:

Recording Devices

Audio Format


Multichannel recorder with professional microphones

48kHz,16bit,4 channel,PCM wave

Microphones are located at the sun-shield, talker’s mouth, talker’s collar, and talker’s front position.

Smart Phone Model A

16kHz, 16bit, stereo, PCM wave


Smart Phone Model B

16kHz, 16bit, mono, PCM wave


Smart Watch

16kHz, 16bit, mono, PCM wave



The corpus is collected inside various sedan cars. The recording environments have covered practical scenarios including and not limited to the variations in high/low vehicle speed and parking, window open and close modes.

During the corpus design and collection process, we have formed an efficient team with high standards specializing in Japanese language. This leads to great success for our corpus to have below 2% sentence-wise error.

This corpus has contained rich speech samples recorded in various combinations of car model and noise types. All of the participants are native Japanese speakers. It can be used for training and testing the speech recognition system, as well as speech analysis.

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